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March Madness showing the sports fan in everyone

Aaron Leavelle, Text Editor

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The month of March is the beginning of the end of the school year, but that’s not the only thing it brings to students.

More importantly to some, March is the beginning of March Madness. The annual collegiate tournament sends many into a multi-week basketball frenzy.

Students and teachers alike fill out brackets, analyzing each game for a potential upset bid.

The craze goes so far that some teachers even show the games on their projector screens whilst students do their classwork.

What about this tournament is so intriguing?

“The Cinderella stories is the biggest, for me, most exciting part” said Senior, Cody Freemole.

Cinderella teams are teams that go into play as a low seed, but beat teams thought to be better. Put simply, underdogs that win.

Though they may be labeled as “bracketbusters,” these teams captivate the masses.

Whether it’s putting something on the line, or just a love of the sport of basketball, March Madness truly brings out the crazy in the variety of viewers.


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