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Controversial Figure Leaving a Mark on the Community

An election t-shirt in Spencer's at the Chandler Fashion Center.

An election t-shirt in Spencer's at the Chandler Fashion Center.

Evan Desai

Evan Desai

An election t-shirt in Spencer's at the Chandler Fashion Center.

Evan Desai, Senior Executive Editor

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As the school year starts, the Presidential election proves to be getting closer and closer.


November 8th is when a new chapter in American history will begin.  At this point, voters all over are looking at both candidates with disgust; one with inexperience and one with possible integrity issues.


Unfortunately, many voters are trying to decide just that.  Which candidate is the ‘least-despicable’.


This has definitely hit the community here at school very much.  With Donald Trump sparking lots of discussion all over the country about very controversial issues, this community has been reacting.


Ryan Kern, the President of National Honor Society, and very into economics, ripped the way Trump achieved his money.


“If you look at his economic team, most of the people on his economic team are his biggest donors.  They’re all into real estate and… are basically swindling people.  Only one of them has ever had a job in economics” said Kern.


Lots of students are frustrated that he is one of the two remaining choices, however, there are still occasional “Hillary for Prison 2016” t-shirts making appearances.


Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”, is also in question.  It is often wondered when America was “great”.  


Some minority figures claim that it was not great when Native Americans were driven from their lands during the colonial times.  It was not great when having slaves were legal, and it was not great after slaves were illegal because minorities still could not share the same bathrooms and schools as white people.  It was not great when it was legal for someone to lynch another man for no other reason than his skin color, and it is still not great while police are killing African-American people who mean no harm on the streets.


However, Trump’s supporters seem to look past his prejudices, and focus on other discussions during the evaluation process.


Robert Hartland believes that America has been great in the past, and has the opportunity to return.  


“I feel like there is a lot of truth in (Trump’s campaign slogan) because America could indeed be restored to its former glory in the Post-World War II Era…  We didn’t have these common problems like all the shootings, and the racial inequality at this time is at a state of unrest most like the 60’s than it ever has been” said Hartland, a senior.


In a conservative state, it is expected that Trump will take the Arizona electoral vote, although some are beginning to question if he is more of a fascist than a conservative American.  Arizona is definitely not considered a liberal state, but with the disappointment in this year’s choice, there is speculation as to the state going in a different direction in the near future.


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