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A Ridiculous Inconvenience

The parking lot is constantly full.  Kids have had to park on the sides of the parking lots in the past.

The parking lot is constantly full. Kids have had to park on the sides of the parking lots in the past.

Evan Desai

Evan Desai

The parking lot is constantly full. Kids have had to park on the sides of the parking lots in the past.

Evan Desai, Senior Executive Editor

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With our school having such an immense size, a colossal amount of students are going to be driving to school next year.


There is an option for students to park on campus, but with one significant setback: a one hundred dollar fee.


Many students rightfully question this policy.  Putting such a high price on a parking spot is adding another price to coming to school and simply having a chance at a valued education.  This fee discourages students from attempting at the opportunity to come to this school.


Noah Grover is a senior who drove to school at first, but is not able to drive anymore because he has not paid the ridiculous fee.  He now parks off campus at a friend’s house.


“I like driving to school because it gives me a faster and easier opportunity to get to school, rather than riding the bus, walking, biking, or anything like that…The downsides of driving to school are that you have to pay for a parking pass, and also that there are very long lines while trying to get into the parking lot,” said Grover.


Grover’s story is not possible for everyone.  A vast amount of students do not have the opportunity to park at someone’s house like he does.  If one forgets his or her pass, he or she may be asked to park off campus.


There are not always options like the one Grover is lucky to have, especially if class is about to start. Now, those kids will have to miss class.


Not everyone has the ability to ride the bus, or has guardians who have the ability to take them to school, or has someone who they can carpool with, or is within walking/biking distance.  There are simply countless situations in which the student driving his or herself is the only way to head to school.


Driving to school is already expensive without paying for a pass. Justin Timmermann, another senior on campus, brought up a great point.


“A downside of driving to school is using your own gas” said Timmermann.  


He is exactly right; students do not need to be paying for extra fees when it is already a high price to drive to school.


Regardless, the price at the beginning of the year is one hundred dollars, and depending on how much space there is at the moment in the year in which you request a pass, you may be given a pass to only park in the back parking lot.


All in all, there are advantages to parking on campus, but the most notable disadvantage is the unnecessary and foolish action of charging a price.

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